Enter the Warrior - WoW Cata Warrior PvP Specs, Gear and Secrets Guide

Professionally crafted Warrior PvP Talent Specs, Addons, Macros, Keybindings, and Strategies

Do you want to destroy? Do you want to learn how to control the opposition?

Warrior PvP Guide

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This guide will take you from the basics to the most technical. We break down each talent point and provide you with the best possible specs, gear itemization, enchants, strategies, and more. All the guides are written by previous gladiators, so you know its quality material. If you want to step up your game, than this is the guide for you!

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Do you want to top your arena ladder? Do you want to impress all your friends with your [EPIC] PvP gear? With our Professional World of Warcraft PvP guide system, any Warrior, veterans and newbies alike, can completely own the World of Warcraft PvP system.

"This guide will transform you from an Average Joe to an Epic Pro"

This guide contains only pro wow bg strategies and cata 1v1 tips. We show you the best85 warrior talent specs, addons, and keybindings, giving you that extra edge over your opponents. Because all of our guides are written by Gladiator Ranked players you can be sure that they contain only the best information.

Our guide gives you the Competitive Edge!

Our guide contains dedicated sections to different aspects of WoW PvP. Including 1v1 Tactics, Warrior-specific BG Strategies, Talent Builds, PvP Addons, PvP Glyphs & Socketing.

1v1 BG, Arena, Duel Strategies

These Gladiator-strength 1v1 strategies are designed to work for you, regardless of your current gear.

Gladiator Proven Warrior PvP Talent Build Spec

This talent spec section will show you the best PvP Talent specs for Warriors. Our professional Warrior PvP Talent Build guide will push your PvP performance to the max. The most important aspect of being a good PvP player is your talent build. If you don't have a Pro Gladiator Proven Warrior PvP Build you are not going to succeed in Arenas, Duels, or Battlegrounds.

Warrior PvP Addons

Not only do we cover talents, but we have an entire section that is devoted to the best Arena, PvP, and class specific Add-ons. These Add-ons will help fine-tune your game so that you become the most efficient and lethal killing machine on your server!

Warrior Macros

If you aren't using macros, you are gimping your character. This exclusive guide shows you the best Warrior PvP Macros. No need to learn how to make your own macros, we provide them for you!

Warrior PvP Gear & Socketing

We sort through the myriad of PvP Gear & Socketing options and show you exactly what you need to succeed. We point out the pluses and minuses of different gear choices and show you why the gear most people are wearing is the WRONG CHOICE.

Exclusive game breaking 1v1 strategies that you won't find ANYWHERE else!

Our guide contains the top-secret arena strategies & tactics of elite WoW pvp players. We have looked ALL OVER the internet for a pvp guide that contains strategies like ours, nothing else is as potent or as easy to use as our guide!

If you truly want to master the World of Warcraft Arena, Battlegrounds, and Duels you NEED this guide.

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