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Do I have to compete in Arena and in Rated Battlegrounds to achieve the best PvP Gear?
No, you can compete in both if you want to, although only one is required to obtain the Vicious PvP Gear.
I've noticed Rogues can stay in stealth for a few seconds with DOTS on them, is there any way to get them out earlier?
Yes, the only way to get a Rogue out of their 3 second Vanish immunity is by Flaring. Only a Hunter can do this.
How long do I have to get out of the new Mage ability, Ring of Frost?
The spell can be put down right away with no cast although, the spell does not take effect for 3 seconds. You can be inside the spell for up to 2.9 seconds before you become frozen in place.
Can Druids still shapeshift into and out of polymorph?
No, the mechanics have completely changed. Every druid form is immune to Polymorph although the normal casting form is susceptible. You can not shapeshift out of it either.
How do I get a Hunter out of Camouflage?
The only way to pull a Hunter out of Camouflage is by AOEing them or meleeing them.
Can Warriors only Heroic Leap onto a target?
No, Warrior don't Heroic Leap to targets. They Heroic Leap a targeted location within 40 yards.
Can the Deathknight ability Dark Simulacrum really copy any mana using ability? How to I stop him/her from doing that?
Yes they can copy any mana using move within six seconds of putting the dark ward on someone. However, they only copy the first move within that six seconds that you use. The only way to directly combat this is to not use any mana using ability. If you don't have the time to wait for the spell to wear off, you can use a buff or other rather harmless move and have them copy that.
How can I get the Grand Marshal or High Warlord title?
The only way to do this currently in the game is to achieve a Rated Battleground Rating of 2400.
Will there be any world PvP zones in Cataclysm?
Yes, Tol Barad.
How do I attack a Rogue that used Smokebomb and is standing inside of it?
If you are a caster with an AOE spell, you can AOE the area within the Smokebomb. The Rogue will take damage and keep him in combat and will prevent him from getting back into stealth. If you are a melee class, you can enter the Smokebomb and attack the Rogue.

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